Training - Advanced Training

Harvard ACs

The purpose of this program is to allow pilots to develop their skills beyond those of the PPL and even the CPL. Most of the exercises are the same as those given to candidates in the Instructor Rating program. It will allow you to become more confident and comfortable with some aspects of your flying, develop some new skills, and expand the envelope in which you feel comfortable with the airplane.

Paul Harris provides a seminar on the theory of flight and background to the exercises that comprise the flying portion of the program, which consists of five flights. Members wishing to participate in the Air Portion of the program are assigned to specially selected instructors, and you proceed through the program at your own pace. Even if you don't intend on participating in the Air Exercises part of the program, the Pilot Briefing Seminar will give you a much greater understanding of what an airplane does during various flight maneuvers, and how to make the airplane do what "you" want it to. One advantage of the program is that upon completion, it counts as your annual check ride!