Membership Has Its Rewards!


How is Pacific Flying Club different?

We are a non profit club and educational institution. What does this mean for you? It means we are not owned by anyone and that any funds go back into improving the facilities and equipment, offering free seminars to our students and members and focusing on quality.

As a not for profit organization, our students and rental pilots become PFC members. Associate membership will only be processed on the months you fly with us. This is a rate of $13.50 per month. Our voting membership is an annual fee of $195. As a voting member you will receive a savings of ten dollars on all solo, rental and check ride flights. As well, you are welcome to attend the clubs annual general meeting. Giving you a chance to have your voice heard in regards to how the club is managed and any changes you would like to see.  

Our Junior Membership is for students under the age of 18, non-flying memberships for people who like to attend our seminars and who enjoy spending time at the Club and Life Memberships for people who want to be "Lifers."