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Pacific Flying Club Membership has its benefits

The General Aviation (GA) Group at PFC provides a wide range of extracurricular recreational activities for its members and their families. These activities are ideal opportunities to meet other club members while participating in aviation-focused activities and pursuing a mutual love of flying. Activities include organized flying trips, seminars, and social events. They provide the opportunity to meet and interact with other members while using and improving aviation skills.

Organized Trips

The Club organizes a variety of fly-outs throughout the year for members of all skill levels, ranging from short day-trips to longer overnight trips.

Pacific Flying Club members share the flying with other members to a variety of destinations throughout British Columbia and the Northwestern US. Destinations include the Gulf Islands, the San Juan Islands, Vancouver Island, Tofino, the Okanagan, the Caribou, Chilco Lake, Washington, Oregon... anywhere on the map with an airstrip within a day's reach.

Club members also participate in longer, more extensive cross-country trips to destinations throughout Canada and the US. Trips have included Las Vegas, the Reno Air Races, Oshkosh AirVenture, Arizona, as well as throughout Eastern and Northern Canada.

These fun fly-outs are an excellent way to build experience and confidence, and are the definition of recreational flying.

Seminars & Training

The Club offers a wide range of Pilot Briefing Seminars and training activities, providing members with opportunities to improve their flying skills, take advanced courses, and keep abreast of the latest aviation news and information that affects them. These seminars include:

  • Mountain Flying
  • US Flying Procedures (eAPIS, Airspace, Procedures, etc.)
  • Night Flying
  • Underwater Egress Training
  • Wilderness Survival Training for Pilots
  • Airframe and Powerplant (Aircraft Systems)
  • Ben Hoben Safety Seminar

Advanced Airmanship Course

One of our more popular advanced training activities is the Advanced Airmanship Course. The program allows pilots to develop their flying skills beyond those of the PPL, and even the CPL levels. Most of the air exercises are the same as those given in the Instructor Rating program. It allows pilots to become more confident and aware, develop new skills, and increase their comfort level with the aircraft.

Social Events

The Club provides a number of social activities throughout the year, bringing members together in an informal, friendly atmosphere to meet and greet new members, discuss potential new fly-out destinations, and generally have some fun. The events consist of monthly dinners, BBQs, and breakfasts.

Contact Us

You can find out more about the GA Group activities by checking the PFC Web Page Member area section for details of all planned activities.


We maintain an Event Notification Mailing List to keep members updated on all upcoming events and important information related to flying. We do not provide member's email addresses to third parties and are only used for Pacific Flying Club purposes. Members may request to be removed from the list at any time. Anyone wishing to be added to the list can send us an email with a request to be added.