Pacific Flying Club has the largest selection of flight simulators in Vancouver. Simulators provide a controlled learning environment with no distractions or delays. This is an advantage when learning. By building confidence early in the training process, simulators better prepare students for hands-on flight training. For licensed pilots, PFC's simulators allow members to upgrade their skill set and help prepare for advanced ratings, flight tests, or interviews in less time and with significant savings.

Al Sim MCC 200


The ALSIM ALX is our most advanced simulator at our facilities. the state of the art simulator offers up to four classes of aircraft. From single and multi engine piston aircraft to turboprop -type aircraft all the way to medium size jet-type aircraft (generic B737/A320)

The ALSIM ALX can be configured for both traditional steam gauges and advanced glass cockpit configuration. It has also been configured with dual WAAS GTN 650, dual FMS, advanced autopilot/auto throttle system and advanced realistic weather and simulation of emergencies.

The ALSIM ALX is an all in one simulator. From your Private Pilot License all the way up to advanced Multi-Crew (MCC) on a turboprop/jet type aircraft to get you ready for that first job interview and simulator evaluation. 

Simulator dual rate is $269/hour

Redbird Full Motion Simulator

The Pacific Flying Club is pleased to have a Redbird Full-Motion Simulator on-site, available to both members and students. With realistic wrap-around visuals, a fully enclosed cockpit and full-motion capability for both single and multi-engine operations. The Redbird provides tremendous flexibility and compatibility with PFC's flight training programs, greatly enhancing the learning experience while reducing costs.

Simulator dual rate is $183/hour
Redbird Simulator


Our newest simulator The AL250 has the same great control landing system as the MCC200, amazing visuals and a Garmin 650 GPS. This state of the art simulator can be configured to a generic like twin or a single engine aircraft. Using either conventional gauges or glass panel technology. This simulator is approved for Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC) and is an amazing training tool.   
Simulator Dual Rate is $225/hour