Training - Private Pilot Licence Course

pilot and student in cockpit

Pacific Flying Club offers outstanding flight training for Private Pilot flight licence -the first step toward a Commercial Pilot Licence

  • The minimum requirement for PPL is 45 hours, but an average is about 55 hours of flight instruction for students that fly three times weekly, and proportionately more for students who fly less often. Included in these minimum requirements are 5 hours of dual instruments flying, 3 hours of dual cross-country, and 5 hours of solo cross-country.
  • 40 hours of ground school instruction is also required for Private Pilot Licence. PFC provides a number of options to fulfil the ground school requirements with classes Monday and Wednesday evening from 1900-2130 or Saturday mornings 0830-1100. Classes run year round on an ongoing rotating basis, and students may attend as many times as they wish. PFC also offers an online option for those students who prefer to study online. (online access is limited to nine months only)
  • PPL students must pass a Category 3 medical before they are permitted to solo.

5 Hours of simulator can be used towards a Private Pilot Licence

Minimum Costs (based on average times for a Private Pilot Licence in a C-152).  
Annual Club Membership reduces solo flying costs by $10/hour. Fuel surcharges are applied where the price of fuel exceeds the base rate. Prices subject to change. (Effective January 16, 2020)
40 Hours dual instruction @ $222/hour   $8 880
15 Hours solo instruction @ $141/hour    $2 115
10 Hours ground briefing @ $70/hour $700
Yearly Club Membership   $195
Ground School w/ Manual   $495
Books & supplies    $385
Headset    $200 - $500
Incidental Costs
Medical $200
Flight Test    $400
Transport Canada Licence Processing Fees & Written Examination    $500
ICAO Mandatory Language Proficiency Test    $125

Fuel surcharges will apply where the price of fuel exceeds the base rate at ZBB Airport.  Prices subject to change (Effective January 16, 2020). Tax is applied where applicable.

This program does not require approval by the registrar of the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training. As such, the registrar did not review this program.